PetPet Park is an excellent chance to raise online pets and also role-play with others.  It was created and released by a group called the Neopets who work for Nickelodeon and launched to allow children to have an excellent time online and be entertained as well.  Nickelodeon was launched in 1977 and was an excellent online channel for children specifically to entertain and delight them.  Starting with educational programming they quickly spread to fun programming which was geared towards keeping children’s imaginations functioning and keeping them active as well as they moved forward with the programming which included many favorites such as “You Can’t Do That on Television”.


  • Have an adult help you to choose the right plan such as 4.95 for a month or 6 months as well.
  • After this you will then be able to put in all of your information and you will be able as well to create a user name and password and then sign in to play the game.
  • After this you can then begin to put in the user name and the password and then click “log in”.
  • After you do this you are then able to sign in and have a great time play and raise the pet.

After you do this there are a lot of things that you will be able to do and you will be able to move forward with playing and learning the responsibilities of being a parent to an animal.

This assisted many child stars as well with the ability to break into the market and the ability to appeal to many other new viewers as well.  For this reason they have continued to grow and they have also continued to expand into new and different mediums.  This was also the case for the Neopet team when they introduced this Park which is an amazing new game which allows people to raise pets online and participate in the necessary activities to care for them.