Pet Smart was founded in 1986 and went public in 1993.  They started off in Phoenix with two stores named Pet food Warehouse and following this exploded in Canada, U.S. and Puerto Rico and became the favorite places for pet sitting, buying food, occasional adoptions and other functions.  Pet Smart also became known for its reasonable pricing and other aspects of its service which some of its competitors offered at much higher and more painful prices.  For this reason alone Pet Smart became a favorite of many of the local markets and then was a regular stopping point for families all over the U.S. In addition to this they became responsive to the needs of the consumers again driving one of the earliest email campaigns out there to empower consumers who knew that their thoughts were being taken into consideration.

Pet Smart offers its consumers a chance to tell their corporate office how they are doing by going to their website and completing these instructions.

  • The code will be on the receipt that you have gotten recently from the purchase of an item.
  • The sixteen digit code flags the store by location and region for the survey service so they know where the item was bought.
  • Next select the survey that you need.  As Pet Smart has gotten larger and larger they have needed to develop multiple surveys based on the different services they provide.
  • There is a general store survey, there is a doggie boarding survey, and there is also a training and grooming survey to name a few.  Make certain that you enter in the correct field here.
  • Next take a few moments and fill in all of the entries to the questions pertaining to service and cost.

Pet Smart very carefully reviews all of the surveys to assure that all of the needs of the customers are being met and that all are happy.  This is very important because it lets the office know how things are going and what is being done well and what can be improved.