Asurion was created in 1994 to assist with cell phones as well as accessories and make the issues which arise with cell phones much easier.  In the past if one breaks there was nothing that you were able to do other than buy another one.  Following these issues the concept of insurance was introduced which made things much easier to assist with all of the issues which happen when phones get broken.  And that does happen on quite a regular basis with all of the phones out there that have been broken, dropped, cracked or had other things happen to them.  The idea of replacing the entire phone was not a realistic one and in addition to this it was not in the favor of the consumers because each time they had to replace it was more money out of their pockets.

  • Go to .
  • Select your provider
  • Click the file a claim link.



  • Put in the information requested and you will be able to move forward with the process such as what happened to the phone, when the replacement phone will be there as well as how long it will take it to come and then the necessary deductible to receive your replacement phone.
  • All of this information will make things much easier to ensure that users are able to move forward with being able to get phones quickly.

Creating a centralized service was a great idea because this allows users to make certain that they are able to process claims quickly and easily without having to deal with the issues which are associated with differences in providers.

Asurion created an online service. It allows you to choose your provider and then move forward afterwards with finding a way to fix your issue with your phone.  For this reason across all suppliers it has become one of the most popular solutions out there and has enabled users to have power returned to their hands which before rested exclusively in the hands of the phone companies.

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