Game Stop is headquartered out of Texas and has over 6700 stores internationally.  They continue to open 400 new stores a year and are one of the largest growing companies in the world.  And for this reason they have developed an excellent online rewards program which allows loyal shoppers to be able to see all of the information about their purchases and also they are able to continue with the accumulation of points.  And for this reason as an avid shopper of they or their online store should have an account and should be able to track their online purchases and points to ensure that they are getting all of the rewards which are due to them going forward.   Within this information it is important to note as well that in order to be able to track this information it is very important to be able to log on to the website and have your profile intact.  Power up rewards is an excellent program that allows you to see all of the information online and then be able to see the way that you might make decisions about your points and how you might want to spend them.  However, first you must have a profile.

Way To Activate:


  • By Logging in you will be able to input your user name and password and click the link to see the information which is available to you on your purchases and other information.


  • If however you have not started earning you will need to sign up for the rewards program in a local store.  Go to its store and go to the customer service counter and ask to fill out rewards sign up.

There you will be able to fill I all of your personal information and then will be given a personal activation code in the store.  Following this you will be able to sign in and then will be able to sign up right away online and begin earning points right away online.

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