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In the 1980s in Lakeland Florida a new concept came onto the market called Red Lobster.  The thought was that casual dining and fresh seafood could be brought to any location regardless of how far they were from the sea.  And there were 5 locations which were started throughout the U.S. and particularly in the South East, they began to spread throughout the U.S. and also through Canada and all of the locations had one thing in common, and that was that they all specialized in excellent food as well as excellent atmosphere as they were able to bring that feeling of the coast to many of the people who live nowhere near the coast and otherwise would not have been able to make their way to the location near the beach without having a location close to them like a restaurant like Red Lobster.  They have also continued to update their menu for many years and seasons to make certain that the food was kept fresh, innovative and imaginative.

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  • Put in your code that is located on the receipt.
  • Next you will be able to proceed answering some key questions such as the information about the quality of the food, taste of the food, temperature as well as the service and the selection.

The information which you provide whether or not it is positive or negative will be shared with the corporate office as well as with the management of the location which you patron to make certain that things improve and that things are better for all customers.

Now a part of the Darden Restaurant chain based out of Orlando Florida they have continued to grow as they are now a part of the largest chain in the world.  With the new backing the company has continued to grow into 689 international locations which have led to expanded growth and happy customers.  If you have been to a restaurant in the recent past they would very much like to hear about your experience so they can improve it if necessary.

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