Reliacard is a prepaid card which allows you to work and to deposit at your own rate.  Many issues with Debit Cards include overages and fines and fees as well as other issues.  For this reason it is very important to make certain that the costs and the debits and credits are in fact managed.  U.S. Bank is helpful with the Reliacard as you have the ability to put the money on the card and use it as a debit card or credit card to make sure that the money is in your control.  These days many banks will hold consumers responsible for fees and charges.  For example if you were to overdraft your account you would be liable for a fine of 35.00 per transaction.  In a situation where there is a preloaded card this is not the case because you would be able instead to merely get a decline message rather than paying the fines and fees associated with the transaction.  For this reason Reliacard places all of the options in the hands of the consumer.  And the consumer is empowered by the control that they have over their own finances.

  • Go to
  • Then choose the state where the consumer lives.

r card 1

  • Next enter in the information related to the user around their username and password.


Sign Up In case of Unregistered:

  • Look upon the right hand side link “First Time Log on” for the registering process to apply for card.

 r card 3

  • Provide your card number, PIN, and card verification number.
  • Type image code for the human identity process and click on “Continue” and complete the whole entire step for the successful registration.

Reliacard is used for many causes across the U.S. from Child Support to tax refunds and many others.  Large corporations are using it with the ability that they are able to provide a preloaded card to the consumer with all of the information required for the user to be able to make payments and also able to control centralized payments.  Reliacard is a fantastic way to place the purchase power back in the hands of the consumer and enable card holders to do things with freedom.  The freedom that they hold all comes from the aspect that they are able to drive their own future and that of their purchases without the issue of worrying about fines and fees.

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