Safeway is the nation’s second largest grocery store and operates all over the east, west, and heartland of the country.  Since it opened more than 100 years ago it has over 1678 locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Safeway has come to be known for its amazing produce, constant upgrades in customer service, as well as its 24-7 locations.  In the past Safeway was one of the first chains of stores to go 24-7-365 and still remains committed to those hours even though other chains have tried to copy this model and have found them instead turning back the clock and the hours.  Safeway has become a mecca for employees as well who want great pay, great hours, and holidays and opportunity at their beck and call.  Even in the times of the most complicated parts of the recession Safeway continued to be one of the companies that was still hiring even if it was in limited capacity.  For this reason it has become a favorite of customers as well as of employees.  If you are looking for employment here is how you become a part of the Safeway team.

  • Go to .
  • Then choose the area you are looking for Retail, Corporate, and Pharmacy etc.
  •  Then go to the drop down menu and click the link that says Apply Now and choose the opportunity you are looking for as in store management etc.


  • Fill out all of your personal information and then click continue in order to complete the application process and submit your information to corporate.  Within a few days if they are interested someone from the corporate office will call back and will explain the hiring process to you and the interview process.

Safeway offers many benefits which these days are unheard of or are difficult to get from an employer and for this reason make certain that you take the time to learn all of the amazing benefits and details as they are offered such as information technology careers and so on.  You want to make certain that you are taking advantage of all the company has to offer.