Sears has been around for a very long time and started as a mail order catalog.Β  After the catalog it was able to begin amassing such a sizeable amount of money as well as a demand for all of the merchandise.Β  For this reason there was a very urgent need to open the stores all over the U.S. and in 1927 that is exactly what happened and as the different locations opened the areas which sears was specializing also continued to grow.Β  From it being only involved in clothing, it continued to add to other things such as tires and home goods which enabled the company to continue to grow and prosper.Β  In 2005 there was a merger which happened with Kmart as well as Sears and then it continued to make certain that all of the locations continued to grow and to prosper and following this they were in fact able to expand more and to continue to expand their operations as well as their customer experience.

  • Go to .
  • Choose the Language you would like to continue in.



  • Next put in the store number.
  • Enter register number
  • Enter transaction number on your receipt
  • Enter date of your visit.
  • Click β€œnext” button so you are able to continue with the rest of the process answering questions about the selection, the pricing, as well as the colors and styles which were available in the store to be chosen from.
  • After doing this you will be able to share all of this information whether good or bad with the corporate office.

Take a few minutes and share your thoughts with them today to ensure that you are able to assist them in the improvement process and help with your feedback.

They created a survey to allow them to get feedback from customers and to ensure that they were able to get all of the information related to the experiences by allowing for customers to fill them out.Β  If you would like to share your experience from shopping recently go to the website and plan on filling out a survey.

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