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Enter In Sears Feed Back Survey Online

Sears is an American Tradition and they became a tradition in 1893 with the founding of their catalog and then with the beginning of opening of physical stores.  They started as handling mail orders and then built stores all over the U.S servicing everything from cars to jewelry and taking care of all of the customers’ needs in one location.  They were bought out a few years ago by Kmart and then became one of the best solutions for consumers handling pricing and also needs of the consumer all less than one roof.  For this reason they have been very popular with shoppers and have become a mecca for people looking for a deal and also looking to improve their situations.  Sears still cares what you think and would like your information so that they can continue to improve with their customer experience.

  • Go to

  •  Then enter in your information including the 12 digits sale check number from your receipt slip.
  • On the current page rate the given asking question by choosing the answers.
  • Next click submit and enter in all of the information related to the promptness of service, the pricing of the service, the timeliness, the selection, the knowledge and the information you were given.
  • All of this information will assist the Sears corporate office with their plans for pricing, staffing and all of the information around improving their experience.

Opportunities like this are priceless for corporations to begin analyzing the information of the customers and hear what they are doing well and what they can do better.  And in addition to this they also offer the customers the chance to win 4000 which is wonderful and offers many incentives for the customers to keep coming back and keep taking surveys.  If you knew every time that you were able to take a survey you were offered the chance to win 4000 wouldn’t you take constant surveys?  Many loyal customers do just that and companies win.

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