Shop Your Way is an exciting new program which allows you to shop with the suggestions of friends from social media and allows you to collaborate with them and to get their suggestions for items that might be fabulous for you going forward and then you can use the system to share them online as well and leave reviews for other friends.  This is a new program which allows you to collaborate and work interactively with others to find out what the best products are to share with friends.  All you have to do is sign up and join so that you will be able to begin collaborating with friends and move forward with this sharing experience.    In order to do this though you have to be a member to share this information and you have to be registered and join in order to do this.  Follow these steps in order to move forward with the process.

  • Go to .
  • Click “join or activate” link.
  • Join by using your Face book credentials of you can input a user name and password as well as email.
  • Input all of your personal identifying information and then you will be able to get started with the registration process.
  • After you register you will be able to share information and be able to start collaborating with friends on successful shopping experiences.

Take a few moments and sign up today, it is free and easy to use and it is a lot of fun to be able to share this information with friends and others as well who will benefit from your commentary on your shopping experience.

Once you and your friends have accounts you will be able to share all of this information with all of your friends and you will also be able to then use this space to review products and to share information with one another and then you will be able to talk about what experiences were great and which ones could be improved and why they could be improved.

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