Information technology has enabled most companies to adopt modern services outlook that ease their services delivery. In the airline industry, it is now possible to book your air tickets, car rentals and even hotels at the comfort of your house or office. Southwest airlines has created an effective booking platform that is interactive to allow you use less time as opposed to taking a lot of time in queues.

About Southwest Airlines:

This is an airline company that offers low cost travel to Americans between different cities in the US. The focus is to make traveling easy, comfortable and fun to its customers. When you get to the official website of the company, you will get information like travel guide, traveling offers, the southwest rapid reward, hotel, air, vacation and even cab services. The search is laden with so many things that you need in your flights.

How To Book ?

  • Get to a computer with internet and visit the company site at
  • At the left end of the page, look for the options “quick links” which provide “check in”, “check flight status” and “change flights”. Click the right option that you are interested in.
  • You will be prompted to provide your personal information such as confirmation numbers and name before clicking to “continue”.
  • If you want to change flight, just click on the icon “change flight” in the “quick links”. At this point, you will be required to provide reservation info before clicking to “continue”.
  • To find out the status of your flight, just click “check flight status” on the “quick links”. You will be required to provide your airport of departure and your destination. You will then be required to give the travel date, flight number and click “continue”.
  • To book online, click the icon “air” and a new page will open with several fields for you to fill. On the left section, you will be required to choose whether you want “one-way” or “round trip”.
  • Then, provide the airport and dates of departure as well as arrival.
  • Fill all other questions that may be required of you and select the type of fares too. When you click the complete button, you will be done with entire process.


This process has been designed to allow you book all your fight needs at the comfort of your office or house. You no longer have to make long queues at the airport, just get to Southwest airline site for faster, convenient and cheaper travel in the US.

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