Loblaw is headquartered out of Quebec and is in over 1000 individual franchises and corporate locations.  This is a mix as well of many different locations and assures that there are also many different banners as well as other signs.  For this reason they also operate one of the largest individual unions and are able to continue to provide excellent service as well as goods to consumers.  They have been around since 1919 and continue to provide excellent service as well as wonderful food products to all of the consumers since then.  For this reason they have continued to expand and have also continued to grow more than their locations but the loyalty of their shoppers.  They have created an online survey which allows for all of the shoppers to spend a few moments and to decide what their experience was like and also share that feedback with the corporate office.  .

  • Go to www.storeopinion.ca .
  • Check the logos at the bottom of the page to make sure that you are choosing the right location and then choose the language you want to proceed in.


  • Choose the device you are using next.


  • By taking the time and providing the feedback to the office you have the ability to be entered in many different contests.
  • Indicate your age.


  • Choose the location in which you shopped.
  • Put in the code that is on the receipt and then answer questions about the experience.

If you have been in sign up today and input your information. As they are able to share their feedback they are able help and assist with the process of improving the shopping location as well as the experience for others.  It takes all of this feedback very seriously and uses it to improve the selection, pricing, as well as all of the information which is so important in the shopping experience.  There is no better way to share the information with the rest of the consumers than by participating in the survey.  For this reason if you have been in a location recently consider this and share your feedback.

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