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Register At Study Island Online Account

In 2010 Archipelago Technologies launched Study Island which is an affordable alternative to expensive online learning soft wares.  It is meant to be Software as a Service solution to many of the expensive options out there.  Currently there are over 14 million learners who sign on every day to learn the basics in an environment which is fun, colorful, educational and easy to use and afford.  For this reason Study Island has expanded its ranges of software to include all grades and all levels of education.  With 14 million users logging on in the afternoon to improve their skills and studies it is necessary to have a highly advanced level of coders and developers who are constantly in the process of upgrading the existing infrastructure.

Create an account so that your children are able to study and learn online in the afternoons rather than watch television or something else.  This is very important to ensure that they are becoming productive and that they are in fact able to keep up with the other students in school.  Without this extra studying and all of these details it will become increasingly difficult doe them to keep up.

To Create An Account:

  • .
  • Create an online account if you already do not have  click on “Request Demo”.
  • Enter all required data and you can get the way to access the online virtual class.
  • If you do log in and then click submit.
  • Following this you will be able to log in and allow the student to continue to the site and begin studying.

From here the student will be able to continue to go to the site and will be able to study and move forward with the studies and will be able to continue to learn and grow their knowledge.  Each student has the ability to grow and to learn and to challenge their boundaries within whatever dreams they have for themselves and for others. For this reason it is possible to assist with sparking the imagination of the students so that they will want to learn for a lifetime.  This is just the beginning of an amazing journey for others.

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