In 1969 in San Francisco a large company called the Gap opened its doors and became an instant success with all of the clothes that it had which were in line with the jeans and t shirts at the time which were becoming all the rage across the U.S…  The style was easy, affordable, and decidedly dressed casually for all of those out there who at the time were very accustomed to the formal dressing and the forced style at the time.  Following this the Gap decided to open up another company which was more geared towards business people and this business was called Banana Republic as it was geared towards dresses and more work like apparel that was available from the same production line but it was a much more sophisticated look.  Following their launch they began showing up in malls all over America in the early 1980s and quickly established themselves as a brand with a great future that should be watched for growth and development.

  • Go to .


  • Choose the language you want to take the survey in and click take the survey.
  • Put in your age and your gender and then click continue.


Tell more about if you have ever had any family who worked for the company.

  • Put in the store number and then you will be able to continue through all of the questions which are related to the pricing and the selection.

This information will help others as they move forward with their shopping experience and they will be able to share their information with others.

As the brand has continued to grow they have always dedicated themselves to taking in all of the opinions of their customers and for this reason it is very important to take a few moments to tell them about the selection, the pricing, and all of the customer service aspects which you have seen as you have been visiting the stores.  This will assist the corporate office in receiving your opinion and also improving the experience for others.

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