GAP owns many other brands and was founded in 1969 in San Francisco California.  As a corporation they are the second largest clothing retailer in the U.S. and they are able to make many different clothes at different price points.  They have over 135,000 employees and are able to assist with the support and production of many different clothing lines.  For example Old Navy specializes in more affordable clothing which starts in the 20.00 range while Banana Republic specializes I the more expensive designer brands which make it difficult for most people to afford.  GAP cares very much about the customer experience however and spends a great amount of time working on promotions and other ideas to enhance the customer experience.  For this reason the GAP pays special attention to the surveys which are sent to them and are completed on their website.  To add your contribution:

  • Go to
  • Choose your language and then continue
  • Enter your age and gender and move on next page.
  • Select the option given below for the answer of the question about your any family member had worked at any store or office.
  • On the next before going on the survey page your have to enter store number of that you have shopped last time.
  • Then put in the  the transaction number, the country, the receipt month, receipt date and the receipt year.
  • This will enable you to answer very important questions about pricing, selection, items, trendiness, and other questions.  The survey should take roughly about 10 minutes and following this you will be able to continue you a coupon code which will give you 15% off of your next shopping experience.

That 15% can go quite far on a budget when you find an item you truly want from the gap but are scoffing over the high price.  This is the best way to ensure that you are in fact doing two things.  First of all you want to make sure that you are providing the best information to the corporate office and also to make certain that you are as well getting a discount.  The GAP spends a lot of time working on collecting information and moving forward with their campaigns.  Assist them in letting them know what works and what doesn’t work with a few moments of feedback that will benefit them and you.

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