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Take In KFC Survey To Win $ 1000 Online

KFC was started back in 1952 in Utah after being created by Colonel Sanders in Kentucky.  Currently it which is a part of Yum brands is actually the second largest brand in the U.S. behind McDonald’s and it has become and American standard.  For this reason there are many locations all over the world and it has continued to become more and more popular over time with different people as they have seen fried chicken as an alternative to the hamburger and for this reason they have increased their market share to a large portion of the U.S. and international dollar. Colonel Sanders has also become one of the most endearing characters in history as he started a new career at the age of 60 and then started his life anew.  He because of his industrious work ethic has become one of the country’s prime figures of reliability and work ethic when people reference him.  It also developed an online survey which allows patrons to sign on and to share their experiences with the corporate office so that all feedback both positive and negative then makes it to the desks of the chefs, and other consultants that help with designing the experience.

  • Go to .

  • Click Enter
  • Next put in the store number which is located on the front of the receipt.
  • Click “next” button.

  • You will then be asked to answer all kinds of questions such as questions about the taste of the food, temperature of the food and also the other aspects of pricing and other pieces of information.

Take a few moments and share your feedback with the corporate office so that you will then be able to share it. All of the information you have rather good or bad is used to make certain that all of the experiences which clients have are good and are able to build a better experience overall for guests.  If you have a menu suggestion this is also a great place to take the time and submit that information to the office.

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