GameStop has been in business for years and operates all over the world from Thailand to Mexico as well in the U.S…  In addition to this in 2009 the company was opening an international amount of 400 stores per year and they continue to grow at an alarming rate.  For this reason they have continued to be successful and have also grown to an amazing rate.  They have made themselves famous for being a retailer that both has new games and also buys and also shares different older games.  If you are looking for a specific game you haven’t been able to find anywhere you can probably find it at GameStop.  If you also have a question about getting a game which is hard to find if you speak to their customer service department they will order the game for you.  For this reason it is wonderful to know what all of your options are and how to find the information on the on the games you want to find.  They value the opinion of the customers so take a few moments and fill out their customer service information to help with an excellent customer experience.

  • Go to
  • Choose if you want to continue in English or Spanish
  • Enter in the associate number next and then the feedback number
  • Following this you will have the ability to provide feedback about the service, the speed of transaction, store cleanliness, clerk friendliness, and the selection which is available for the price.

GameStop uses this information to customize the shopping experience of all of the consumers and to design its future stores with the specifications of the customer in mind.  In addition to this it also helps them to improve the existing stance of their current location.

The feedback of the customers is extremely important to make certain that the customers return constantly to the GameStop which is local to their area.  GameStop takes this feedback very seriously and actually has a separate area of their company which responds to the feedback.

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