Kroger is one of the American leading companies. In 1883 it was founded by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati a state in the Midwestern United States. In the world retailing companies it is the fourth largest one and in general retailing companies it stands on the second largest retailer company. Their purpose is to sale their goods, provide them to the individuals or end users with very good quality and condition. They purchase the things from the manufacturers and then sell them to the other users. Retailers of Kroger transform the resources and material so that after the finished product is made it is provided to end users on time. Kroger market operates 3,619 stores throughout United States. They have also won many awards and recognitions. One of which is the distinguished Black Pearl Award.  Those who do their survey they offer $100 gift card for them.


There are few requirements which customer has to complete for doing the survey. They are as follow:

  • An internet connection is a must thing. They should have access to it.
  • Languages which that person should know are English or either Spanish.
  • They should have a shopping receipt with them.
  • At the bottom of that receipt there will be entry code for doing the survey. You need to see that.
  • Other requirement is that they should have invitation for doing the survey. This is available at the bottom of their receipts.
  • You should be above the age of 18 and have nationality of United States.

Steps For Survey:

Survey can be completed when a person follows all the following steps:

  • Go to the website for this purpose
  • Next page which will appear will contain many boxes in it and places to fulfill.
  • Boxes will be titled as date, Time, store number, transaction number, terminal number, operator number (which are given in the receipt)  and information related to survey code or customer ID which is also on the receipt.
  • Carefully you have to complete and fill all these above mentioned boxes.
  • After fulfilling, under all this you will see option of “start”.
  • You have to click on button of ‘start’.
  • Later further instructions related to completing the whole survey will be given to you in detail.
  • Then you will be all set to go for the survey.
  • Another alternative is also there, you may choose option of video survey. It is in the case only if you are interested.

Summing Up:

I hope all the guide is clear to all those who want to apply for the survey. After doing the survey you can get chance of winning $100 Kroger grocery gift card. So just go and visit some store and have the quality products.

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