Pizza Hut was founded for 600.00 in 1958 in Wichita Kansas.  And now they are owned by Yum Brands one of the largest food conglomerates in the world which also owns Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell.  All of these concepts have been extremely successful over the years offering great food from a great price.  There are over 6,000 restaurants in over 94 countries internationally.  Pizza Hut spends a massive amount of money on advertising and growing their brand with the international leverage ability of Yum industries.  This means that the successful advertising can all be based on constant weekly specials and very frequent updates.  Weekly there are specials which are offered by Pizza Hut that offer Pizza and also specials at a great price for consumers.  There are many other chains which try to compete with one another such as Dominos and others however over the years the Pizza Hut brand has remained strong.

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  • Next enter in the information such as the store number, the date and time as well as the total amount that you have spent on your orders.
  • You will be eligible for 10 different chances per day to win 1,000 dollars.  This is a great opportunity for taking the few moments to provide feedback.

As Yum brands continues to go there are some amazing opportunities to ensure that your experience is as great as possible.  Take the time to fill out the survey and provide feedback to the corporate office about speed of service, specials, affordability and other aspects of the service.

The corporation collects the information and builds feedback based on the information which it collects form you and has the ability to change and or monitor its service through these surveys.  By taking the time it is very possible to ensure that all of the information you wish to pass along makes it back to the corporate office.  Maybe you think that some of the specials are not as affordable as they could be.  You need to let the corporate office know.