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Join Popeye’s Survey To Win Rewards Online

Popeye’s opened outside of New Orleans in 1972 and has been a part of the American and international consciousness since then.  Currently there are over 1200 international locations of which only 30 are corporately operated.  Of those that are corporately operated most of them are in the U.S. but the franchises exist even as far away as Brazil and Saudi Arabia.  For this reason the chicken has become quite popular all over the world and has made itself a signature American item for other countries when they think of the U.S..  It is also known for their chicken and biscuits which have become staple parts of their menu, they are also famous as well for their entertaining commercials that promise Louisiana Fast for anyone any everywhere that it might be needed.  In addition to this they have also created an excellent online survey so that patrons are able to share their thoughts about the existing menu as well as any other information that they would like to see added to the menu in the coming weeks.

  • Go to .
  • Choose the language which you wish to proceed in and click there.
  • Next put in the information off of you receipt in the way of amount, restaurant number, time and date.
  • And then you will be able to continue to answer important questions such as the temperature of the food, taste, and all other aspects of the ticket.
  • This will make thing much easier as well since you will be able to also have a chance to win excellent drawings and prizes as well.

Share your opinion today with the corporate office.

This can involve many different items as well as the feedback that is coming from customers so there is an excellent online survey which allows you to be in control of your opinion and to share it with the corporate office on your terms and in your time.  If you have been to a Popeye’s take a few minutes and share with them what you liked or did not like all feedback is helpful to improving the experience of the customer.

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