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Take Part In Red Robin Survey Online

Red Robin started in Seattle in 1969 and was originally called Sam’s Red Robin and it was named after the song.  However it was then changed to the name Red Robin when it began to expand in the early 70s, currently there are 464 locations in the U.S. and it has continued to grow as an excellent location for dates and for gatherings.  Aside from having a great hamburger selection they also have a large amount of American friendly cuisine which is able to assist with excellent taste and drinks.  It spends a lot of time as well changing their drink and food menus to make certain that their fare is always fresh and approachable for guests and that they are not having to eat the same items over and over and are able to make certain that they are changing the style and content.  They have a bar as well as having all of the items that you would find at a traditional date restaurant.  This has made it an excellent location for anything that you might be craving whether it were a wrap or something  a bit more exotic it has it in hand and is working on actively improving that experience.  They also have an excellent survey program which allows the visitor to take a few moments and tell the corporate office about their experience and to share the details with the office and make suggestions for future items and areas of improvement.

  • Go to .

  • Choose the language of the survey.

  • Put in the information from your receipt or the information which was supplied on your invitation
  • Enter your store telephone number, date, time and total amount from receipt and click “enter”.
  • Enter certificate number from invitation and click “enter”.
  • And then you will be able to begin with the survey process answering questions about the prices, selection, taste of the food and temperature as well as the service.

This feedback will be shared with the corporate office as well as with other managers on site so that they can recognize good service and improve areas which might need improving, for example hotter food or a leaky faucet.  Share your opinion today!

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