Travelocity is one of the largest websites for affordable travel operating in the U.S. it has a few sister sites out there as well which serve Europe as well as Asia.  The entire mission of Travelocity was to create an affordable travel experience for when those last minute trips pop up and you have to make a decision and a reservation on the fly.  If you are planning a vacation you have a few different options to think about: where are you going, why are you going, who are you traveling with, and when?  If you have all of these details worked out then the next thing you are ready to do is to go to the Travelocity website and plug in the details to start searching for you trip.


  •  Enter in where you are going and what you are looking for here in the search fields.


  • Travelocity will search for your specifications and will also offer you the ability to speak with a live person at any moment by calling the 1800 number which is on the screen as you are looking at the screen.
  • Next Choose the hotel you want to stay in:


  • Review your information and continue with the booking.


Travelocity makes the solution easy because it is no longer necessary to visit three different web sites in the hope that none of your plans will conflict.  Instead now it is possible to move forward with the knowledge that you have just booked all of your travel with one single source and that you will have all of the details in one location to make things much easier for future ventures.

Travel is made much simpler when it can be done in one location through a centralized application, if you have ever been in one place and then been called immediately to travel to another you know how important it can be to have one site like this that is able to assist with those kinds of accommodations on the fly.

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