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File Turbo Tax An IRS Tax Extension Online

Turbo tax makes filing easy and affordable with many different options which allow users to file their taxes without the headache of using complicated software and using CPAs or accountants to handle the process. It has headquartered out of San Diego and has empowered users to file their taxes online for years.  It offers many different programs as well which offer a premium as well as a free option in filing.  The software takes the users through every single step and allows the user to answer questions which might be very difficult for users as well to answer on their own without the assistance of the software.  For this reason it is very important to take time and to go through all of the options in detail.  The software allows users to also file for extensions and also to go through detail and examine their own tax situation as well.

It is free and is downloadable by visiting website in addition to this you have the ability to sign in and then go about filling in the information and sending it to the IRS. It has much competitor software out there but yet it is still the most popular.

Way To File:

  • Sign in and then log in and click the link called Getting Started.
  • Then click the link that says File an Extension


  • After this you can either sign in or you can register as a new customer.

If you file an extension you will be able to have until October 18th to be able to file and to pay any outstanding expenses as well to the federal government.  This is very important to work on your extension and get all of the details together so that you can move forward to the deadline and ensure that you will be able to file within the right amount of time.  And the best part as well is it is in fact free and will enable you to finalize.

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