VTech has been around since 1986 and is based out of Hong Kong.  It has for many years been the largest manufacturer of cordless phones and also a huge producer of electronic learning tools.  Therefore with using VTech on a mobile device you are making the best decision to educate and also to entertain your children.  Entertaining children can always be a challenge and yet doing so while on the road or while out and about can be an issue since this usually means you are showing them material which is not educational and may have questionable content.  However by downloading the kids section on your VTech you will keep them happy and entertained with educational content.

For Computers:

  • Visit: www.vtechkids.com/download
  • Make selection for either you are looking for “PC ” Or “MAC”.
  • Click the button marked as “Download’, wait till Learning Lodge Navigator downloading become finished.
  • Go the place where you have downloaded the file, double click to start installation on your required device and follow up the instructions to complete installation.

For Mobiles:

  • Go to www.vtechkids.com/brands/brand_view/innotab2s .
  • Log in or Register for access to VTech’s mobile applications.


  • If you have an existing account log in.


  • If you have never signed up before go and register.
  • On the same page click the Register Link and then input your information.
  • After inputting all of the information clicks sign up and then you will be able to download any application for the mobile device.

Keep in mind that all of these amazing applications are educational and cover everything from colors, to numbers, to reading and other skills that usually are not started until a child gets much older.  For this reason by downloading fun and exciting applications you are able to stimulate your child and get them used to learning at a younger age and developing their skills.  Many of the skills which are covered by the applications are those that are covered in the kindergarten classes as well as in the preschools for childhood learning.  There is nothing more important to children than starting early.

There are even applications for teaching other languages which are available for children.  The best time for a child to learn another language is between the ages of 0 and 5 for this reason the earlier they start the better. VTech has an amazing array of applications which will assist.

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