Walgreen’s is the largest drug retailer in the U.S. and they have it down to a science.  When you go into a Walgreens all of the items are set in the aisles in a logical order meaning that you will find everything that you need without having to look too hard for it.  Things are placed in an order which makes sense to the consumer and also makes sense to the people looking for things who have never been in a store.  And they have everything in the same place from store to store, whether you are in California or you are in Florida you will know where to go.  In addition to this the stores are also phenomenal in the way they have everything set up which is logical, all of the makeups are together etc.  Walgreen’s really cares about the views of their patrons.  Take a few moments and help them out with a survey.  You could win 3,000 dollars for taking the few minutes to let their corporate office know how they were doing.

  • Go to www.walgreensfeedback.com
  • Then select whether you would like to take the survey in English or Spanish
  • Next go to your receipt and enter in your code and your password into the application.
  • This will enable you to answer questions about service, knowledge, friendliness, hours as well as pricing.
  • At the end of the survey you will enter in your contact information so that it is possible for Walgreens corporate to contact you if you win the survey and the 3,000 which are available to the winner.  This drawing happens monthly so there is a great chance that you might have a chance of winning.  Most people who have a chance will not look at their receipt and take the time which is required to fill it out.

Walgreen’s clearly cares about your wellbeing and how you are able to proceed with your shopping experience.  Show them that you care as well by taking the time to fill out the survey.