Wal-Mart has come up with a solution for every economic situation when it comes to traditional credit cards, to prepaid cards, to full-fledged banking the giant has added another tool in its arsenal which is the new Moneypak solution.  Moneypak is a prepaid card which is reloadable and can be used for any solution or financial needs.  Anywhere that you can swipe a credit card Moneypak can be used as a viable alternative to a traditional visa or MasterCard.  This is a great alternative to many of the expensive bank accounts as well.  If you think that Moneypak is your solution you should consider applying for a card since you will be able to use it at many different locations and can even have your paycheck deposited right onto depending on the policies of your company.


  • You can easily reload an existing card.
  • Enter in your card number and then your moneypak number and continue.
  • Follow this by your zip code and then the captcha and click continue.
  • After this you will be able to load money onto the card for purchase.

Use your Mopneypak card anywhere that you would use a credit card.  It can be used to buy groceries, pay bills, buy drinks, or any other function that you would use a credit card for and the best thing about the card is that it is preloaded which means that at the end of the day you control the contents as well as how much you want to spend in each location.  Since the card is preloaded when you run out of money you are simply out and there are no fines and no fees which would be responsible with an overdraft fee at a bank.

Moneypak takes the control out of the hands of the banks and puts it back into the hands of the consumers.  Consider applying for one so you can check out all of the benefits today and stop paying the banks their ridiculous and expensive fees.

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