Congratulations you applied and were accepted for a Yamaha motor com card account and now you need to know how to activate it.  Yamaha offers a unique credit card to its loyal patrons and allows them to acquire points which can be used for the purchase of Yamaha products from keyboards all the way to motorcycles.

Activate Your Yamaha Motor com Card Account

This is a good thing to know because Yamaha enthusiasts are a small but motely crowd who very much enjoy and want to have information and more details about all things Yamaha.  It is fortunate that there are many new and different products and solutions for users and now there is a card that allows them to move forward with their enthusiasm of the product.

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To Activate Your Yamaha motor com card account You Can Do Two Different Things:

  • Call the phone number on the back of the phone from your home number and then follow the prompts.  Then you will be able to ensure that your card is activated and all of the details are there and ready to go.
  • Go to
  • Then following this you can choose a user name and a password. Click “enroll”.
  • next page will appear in front of you, follow the instructions so that you are able to create a user name and a password. Enter your enrollment details. Select the statement about delivery, select your email alerts, choose the security questions and click the button “continue”.
  • After this you will receive a conformation email in which you need to click the link and validate the account.
  • After validating your account you will be able to sign into the system and then you will be able to see your details related to your balance.  Click the activation link and then you will be able to activate your card from the application.  The nice thing about the online application is that you will be able to see all of your details, pay your balance and move forward.
yamaha motor com cardaccount
Yamaha Card

Final Thought About Yamaha Motor Card Account.

You have now activated your card and will be able to make purchases instantly.  This is a fantastic way to be able to establish your credit and move forward with building a great credit history.  Congratulations on your new card and ability.

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