Let’s face it, if you live, breathe and dream sneakers (daydreaming also counts), you do not want to miss out on anything ‘latest’. Today, reading magazines and visiting stores just isn’t enough – social media is where it’s happening. All you sneakerheads out there, here are some Instagram accounts you can’t afford not to be familiar with, if you’re truly into kicks:

#1: yankeekicks

Honestly, we were blown away by this guy’s collection and his vast knowledge. Who’d have thought that one man’s hobby could turn into such an empire? Also, check out his online store, there are some pretty neat stuff you can find there for prices that may shock you. No more relying on big brands and global companies – now people are shoe shopping from experts. While you’re there, get a glimpse of the vintage collection as well.

#2: snkrsden

This new cool platform is also a fruit of the mastermind behind yankeekicks – and it is way, way more than just an Instagram account. What lies beneath is a brilliant marketplace platform for sneaker buyers and sellers to interact – without any middleman. Sounds complicated? It’s actually quite simple, and it can prevent the hazard of purchasing counterfeits and phonies. Aside from that, the collection displayed there is yankeekicks standard so there’s no real reason not to check it out ASAP.


#3: sneakernews

A good place to start looking around. This is where the magic happens, as they say. While it’s not the ideal online store, it’s definitely good for window shopping – and anything that’s new would probably be there. This one’s for any sneakerhead who feels they just have to know everything sneaker-wise all the time, but also for those who simply want to start off somewhere.


#4: mryumingwu

If you’re just like us and you feel you need more of sneakernews, try this guy. Yu-Ming Wu is the man (or at least one of them) behind the popular Instagram account and his private account has some cool things you won’t see on the regular one. Kind of like a separate, VIP account for followers – with a whole lot more than just shoes. Don’t miss out.

#5: sneakerb0b

This guy is actually quite cool. He runs a sneaker shop in Cologne, Germany, and delivers worldwide. His collection is awesome and while the prices may not justify a delivery to the States, for example, just a look at his vast collection can keep you glued to the screen for hours. Be sure to check out some other merch he has, aside from sneakers. There is some stuff there that you probably can’t find in the USA.


#6: nbakicks

This one’s for all the B-Ball junkies out there – what can you do? Sometimes the best place to find something is at the origin. The official NBA sneakers Instagram page is not always the best place to find a bargain, but it’s usually a good place to start and you can bet on them being extremely updated, naturally. Especially worth a visit during pre-season times, because surprising sneaker news pops up there every once in a while.


#7: theshoesurgeon

Looking for something a bit more Avant Garde? There’s a chance you’ll find it here. Dominic Chiambrone AKA The Shoe Surgeon is not your average collector of kicks. If it’s bizarre, extraordinary or just not what you’d expect – this is where it’s supposed to be online. Check out his store but keep in mind that since some of the shoes are rare they may come with a hefty price tag.


#8: yeezymafia

Yeah, you know we just had to finish off with one of the classics. Kanye’s brand has been around for a while and has managed to build its own killer reputation, there’s not much more we can say about it that isn’t already known. It takes a certain type of sneakerhead to really be into Ye’s collection, so keep that in mind when you give it a glance.