Consumers spent over $260 million dollars on cannabidiol (CBD) in 2016. The numbers are growing with estimates of over $500 million spent in 2020.

best CBD oil brands

The market grows as consumers realize the benefits of CBD and here best CBD oil brands. From pain reduction to anxiety control, CBD has many uses.

Best CBD Oil Brands

There are many brands of CBD now on the market. The overwhelming amount of options make it hard finding the best one for you. With the explosion of CBD makers, which brand stood out among the rest?

Keep reading for the best CBD oil brands of 2020.

What Is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol which comes from the cannabis plant. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also found in cannabis, CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive effects.

In other words, cannabidiol doesn’t make the user high the way cannabis does. And there’s growing evidence that it helps patients and hemp oil benefits with health issues such as chronic pain.

Children given CBD had fewer seizures than their counterparts taking a placebo. The difference was statistically significant.

The oil is taken via a dropper by mouth. It’s also eaten in candy and baked products. Creams and balms rubbed on the skin also contain CBD.

CBD is a supplement and isn’t regulated by the FDA the same way drugs are. When tested, some brands fall short of their CBD claims. That’s why it’s important that brands are transparent with their lab testing.

Look for companies that post their lab tests on their website. If the results aren’t online, the company should respond to a request. Don’t buy CBD from a company unwilling to send lab results.

The brands below are the best CBD oil brands. They’re consistent, transparent, and offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Populum For Domestic Hemp

Populum uses domestic hemp products. The company offers high-quality CBD, and the prices reflect this. If you’re looking for the best quality and cost isn’t an issue, try Populum.

The CBD is organic, cold pressed, and non-GMO. The product contains stevia. The oil has a nice orange taste.

The company is in Arizona and doesn’t ship to Indiana or Missouri. For other states it is CBD oil brands and the shipping is free.

Bluebird Botanicals For Organic CBD Oil

This CBD is a hemp extract that comes in organic hemp seed oil. It was a 2016 winner of the Cannabist Awards. The flavor is strong with an earthy taste. The hemp is local and organic.

They offer 100% transparency by offering a public database showing lab results of CBD oil.

NuLeaf Naturals Like Fruity

You’ll like the fruity, citrusy aroma in this USDA-certified organic hemp oil CBD. NuLeaf produces a CBD tincture with local hemp. Testing shows consistency in the amount of CBD in the product versus the labeling.

Some batches even have higher amounts of CBD than advertised. If this is a concern, request a lab report for the batch contained in your bottle of CBD oil.

Highland Pharms for Tinctures

This company gets great reviews for both the product and customer service. The oil for their tinctures comes from a boutique farm. The oils come in mint, strawberry, and natural flavors.

Find lab tests right on the website. These are high-quality oils at affordable prices. Most products ship free.

Fab Rates High Quality CBD

Fab rates high both in quality and price. The labeling is sometimes inaccurate but skews in the customer’s favor. Fab is an MCT oil and hemp extract from domestic sources.

The flavor is pleasant and a little bitter. Choose from several flavor options, citrus, natural, and mint. Find lab testing results right on the CBD oil brands website for full transparency.

Medterra The Quality Brand

Medterra is in Laguna Hills, California. This is a quality brand but the prices are good. They use a third party for lab testing and the results are available to anyone on their website.

If you don’t like the taste of most CBD, this one has almost no flavor at all. You’ll pay for shipping unless you spend over $100.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Are you looking for hemp from a company using sustainable farming methods? Look no further than Pure Hemp Botanicals. They offer quality products at moderate prices.

You’ll find the third-party lab tests right on their website. You can look up the lab results for the specific bottle you buy. Expect to pay a premium for shipping. The company has excellent reviews.

Pure Spectrum

This Colorado company offers high-quality CBD from a domestic source. The CBD comes from organic, non-GMO hemp. The prices are reasonable, though the shipping isn’t free.

The CBD is blended with fractionated coconut oil making it high in MCTs and smooth in taste. Find third-party lab tests on CBD oil brands website.

Hemp Bombs

Their website isn’t the best, but the product is of high quality. The prices are reasonable. Shipping is free for orders of $75 or over.

They use organic, domestic hemp. Lab tests are available on the website.

They report not only CBD potency, but also heavy metal contaminants. Many companies don’t reveal contaminants in their lab testing.

The CBD comes in two flavors: Watermelon and peppermint.

Moon Mother Hemp Company

This company uses USDA-certified organic hemp from Colorado. The company commits to sustainable and environmentally sound farming practices.

They run third-party lab tests but they’re not on the website. They’re available upon requestbest organic CBD oil brands.

The prices are moderate, though you’ll pay for shipping. The tinctures come in cinnamon and peppermint.

Mana Artisan Botanics Company

This company is in Hawaii. They offer organic, domestic products. They don’t have their test results online but send them upon request.

They offer an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory hemp tincture that’s turmeric and cinnamon. This tincture goes well in a cup of tea.

There’s also a sleep tincture of passionflower and Lehua honey. The flavor is floral and a little sweet.

The product is high quality and the pricing is on the high end. You’ll also pay for shipping.

CBD Oil Brands and Companies

If you’re suffering from anxiety or chronic pain, give CBD oil a try. Thebest CBD oil brands is the one that works for you. But if you’ve never taken best CBD oil brands, give one of these brands a try.

Our recommendations include high-quality products with transparent ingredients and lab testing. These companies all offer a good customer experience as well.

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