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Yer a Tourist, Harry: Making the Most Out of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The travel and tourism industry in the U.S is predicted to make a contribution of approximately 2.6 trillion dollars by 2027. Most people make rookie mistakes that cost them a significant amount of their money because they don’t take time to prepare their trips!

Are you planning a visit to Universal Studios? Prepare for maximum amounts of magic with this guide on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Wait in Lines to Save Time

Upon arrival, go straight to Forbidden Journey and Escape from Gringotts. These two places have the shortest lines at the end of the day or during early hours after when they open. However, you’ll miss the main queues which most people find attractive.

If you still want to explore this highly themed queue, go for a ‘castle tour’. Single rider lines are great options for re-riding. It’s advisable to plan for private tours in advance if you want to enjoy a variety of attractions when they aren’t overcrowded.

Use the Train

One of the most outstanding Harry Potter Attractions is the Hogwarts Express so don’t miss it. To ride this train, ensure that you buy two-park passes; a ticket that’ll allow you to visit Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Use Wizard Money at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

For the ultimate experience, exchange your dollars for real wizard money at the Gringotts Money Exchange in Diagon Alley. The real Gringotts banknotes are available in denominations of $10 and $20. Since you want to experience a different world, use them anywhere in the Wizarding World locations to make purchases.

Buying a Wand

Most people make the mistake of purchasing a wand at the Ollivander only to be disappointed by a long line. The slow-moving queue is due to the small size of the shop that only fits a few people at a time.

It’s advisable for visitors with limited time to buy wands from various carts in Diagon Valley, from Universal store online, or outside the Hogwarts Castle.

Stay Until Dusk

The theme parks close at 8 p.m at the end of summer or during high attendance periods. The closure at 8 p.m will allow you to spend time in the Harry Potter theme park at dusk. Your children will have fun riding the Dragon Challenge Coasters for as long as they want.

Shops such as Hogwarts Castle are as well less crowded so you can do some real shopping or window-shopping.

Check Height Requirements in Advance

Some of the notable height requirements that’ll save you from embarrassment include 42 inches at the Escape from Gringotts and Harry Potter, 36 inches at the Flight of the Hippogriff, and 48 inches at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The Hogwarts Express has no minimum height requirement.

These tips will make your trip to the wizarding world of Harry Potter Complete and stress-free. Visit our website today for more informative guides.

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