Drones have become an important part of our daily lives in ways we may not even be aware. Drone uses vary widely from capturing all the beautiful photos we see from difficult locations, to creating accurate maps, movie making, law enforcement, and business security.  Drones have also significantly reduced the cost of these activities. Most companies, however, don’t own their own drone technology and will often rent a drone or purchase the services of a freelance drone operator. 

Therefore, drone operation has become a way to earn money from businesses who need these services.  More expensive drones come equipped with all the latest functions such as optical sensors, GPS, high resolution camera, and much, much more.  These features have greatly expanded the opportunities for making money using drones for aerial photography. That service alone impacts many business fields who need photographs and video from areas as disparate as agriculture to resort advertising. Here are some representative ways to make money using drones. If you don’t own one, many operators now rent a drone. If you’re a creative entrepreneur who can’t afford the initial purchase of a fully outfitted drone, this is a great way to test the waters. 

Precision Agriculture: If you live in an area of the country with a large agricultural market, aerial photography now helps farmers and industrial farms reduce plant damages, locate plant damage, and increase their crop yields. 

Disaster Relief: If you enjoy excitement and travel, freelance drone operators are often employed to locate missing people and to establish areas of needs during flooding, following storms, earthquakes and war. 

Surveillance and Private Investigation:  If you enjoy the idea of law enforcement, a drone can accomplish what a corporation would need to hire multiple people to complete in providing security for their corporations. 

Advertising and Marketing for Real Estate Properties: Many companies hire drone operators to capture vistas and views that were unheard of only twenty years ago without paying for expensive helicopters, etc. Small business owners who need to “video market” on a budget will often use freelance drone operators. 

Inspection Jobs for Utility Companies and Others: Often, large and sprawling businesses require aerial views of their structures to determine safety and needed repairs. They often pay well to reduce the expensive “man power” required to get an “eye” on their holdings. 

Special Events Photography: Cities and private citizens will often hire drone operators today to capture the crowds at their events or a view of their wedding from above. Digital marketing is THE growth industry for the entrepreneur interested in starting their own drone operation business. 

Given the value of drones to such a wide array of businesses who receive their services and the owners who fly them, obtaining good drone insurance is an important business decision. A solid and respected company that specializes in this unique but growing form of insurance like BWI Aviation Insurance can help you determine what you need and safeguard your drone investment. 

As stated earlier, if you’re not currently in the market for purchasing a drone, you might consider drone rentals as a way to turn your hobby into a living. It’s full of exciting and diverse opportunities for growth in the future. Who knew a past time you’ve been enjoying could become a money maker with just a little ingenuity and elbow grease?

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