Did you know that metal fabrication started as early as 7,000 BC? A few tribes living in the present-day Turkey regions used primitive tools to make knives out of cooper. Nowadays, the metallurgy industry is one of the largest and most important in the modern world!

Whether you work in the metal fabrication industry or you want to open a business in this field, it helps you know more about it. Keep reading to find out interesting metallurgy facts and information.

1. Commonly Used Metals Include Aluminum and Copper

It’s possible to work with a plethora of metals including some exotic and very tough ones, like titanium. However, the most commonly used metals in metal manufacturing include gold, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, and multiple types of steel.

2. There Are 4 Big Categories of Steel

Steel is a popular metal used in various industries, but it’s available in different formats. For example, stainless steel is the most popular one and it’s used to make appliances, electronics, and tools. Alloy steels include other elements such as chromium and nickel to increase its durability and strength.

Carbon steels are also very popular and they’re known for their durability and strength. Most of the steel produced in factories is carbon steel.

Finally, tool steels are designed to be reshaped into tools that can be used in homes or different factories. Such steels are more resistant to extreme temperatures and they require little to no maintenance.

High-quality metals are required in virtually any type of industry. For example, the blacksmith and welding industries are strictly related to the metal fabrication industry.

Other industries that require metals include the automotive, aircraft, medical, military, and engineering industries.

4. Tungsten Is One of the Toughest Metals out There

Tungsten is a metal commonly used in the manufacturing of lightbulb filaments.

It’s a resilient and durable metal with the highest melting point in the world at more than 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, tungsten also has the highest boiling point at over 10,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. High-Speed Lasers Are Used to Cut Metals in Various Shapes

Thanks to the advancements in technology and engineering, different types of industrial equipment are used to make precise cuts in metals of all types.

One such machine is called the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) that uses a high-speed laser to cut metals. The engineer programs the computer to cut the metal sheets in precise shapes and it’s also capable of making round cuts. Another commonly used machine is the OTC welding robot, a completely automated device that provides impressive results.

6. Metal Fabrication Is One of the Fastest Growing Industries in the World

Up until the Middle Ages, only 7 metals were known, but nowadays the metal fabrication industry is one of the most expansive and fast-growing. As industrial equipment and machinery evolve, lighter and more durable metals can be created for a cheaper production cost.

Now You Know More About the Metal Fabrication Industry!

As you can see, the metal fabrication industry is broad and attractive at the same time. Many students opt to become engineers and welding professionals because this field is continuously expanding.

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