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Your 5 Steps for a Holiday Ready Home

Our Florida customers should begin to prepare for the holiday season by making sure that rodents and pests can’t infest their homes. If a homeowner already has a pest problem, then it is vital to overcome the issue before the holiday season. During the holidays, you may have too many activities going on to cope with filthy mice or disgusting cockroaches, so we suggest that you use these five steps to get rid of rodents and bugs now.

Step 1: Eliminate the Clutter inside Your Home

If your home is stuffed with cardboard boxes, then you are creating hiding places for vermin. It is okay to have some items stored that you don’t use frequently, but you should use metal containers or plastic totes that last longer and that pests can’t chew into easily. There is also a limit to how many containers that you should have stored because clutter attracts rats, ants and cockroaches. Summer and autumn are the best times for sorting through your possessions so that you can get rid of things, or alternatively, you can find a better way to store your items.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Home to Get Rid of Pests

Cleaning your home thoroughly at least once each year is one of the best ways to eliminate dirty pests. This means that you should remove everything from the closets in the bedrooms and hallways to mop the floors and wash the walls. Before placing things back into the closets, you can eliminate clothing or footwear that no longer fits along with throwing away broken or unneeded objects. Next, make sure to remove all of the contents from the bathroom’s cabinets to clean in the interiors along with throwing away expired medications or beauty care products. Last, attack the kitchen cabinets by sorting through the stored canned goods, piles of dishes and cooking utensils. Washing the interior surfaces of the cabinets is recommended to remove cobwebs or any debris that is left behind by pests.

Step 3: Repair Your Home’s Plumbing Fixtures

With the year-round warm climate in Florida, pests in the area are seeking moisture, and if your home has leaking water pipes or plumbing fixtures, then you are more likely to have problems with rodents and insects. Use a flashlight so that you can see under the sinks in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Look for moisture damage on the drywall and ceilings where major pipes can have small holes that lead to water sources for vermin. Make sure to inspect your home’s water heater for problems such as a rusty holding tank or degraded intake pipes.

Step 4: Seal the Openings Where Rodents or Insects Can Enter

A mouse can squeeze into a tiny hole to infest your home with its young. You must seal all of the openings where insects and rodents can enter, and it is a good idea to do this before the busy holiday season. Rats and mice can climb up the sides of your home to enter small holes in the roof or gutters to invade an attic before living inside the walls. Insects will enter crevices along a home’s cement foundation or along the window frames. You can mix a concrete sealant to keep vermin from entering holes and crevices. Use ready-made liquid caulking to seal small holes in the siding or around the window frames.

Step 5: Call Our Exterminators for Preventative Services

You can call Turner Pest Control before the holidays for our preventative pest control services so that you won’t have insects or rodents infesting your home while you have guests visiting.

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