What’s your reason for wanting to track someone’s movements? Maybe a spouse, a child-minder, or even your child. Maybe your child is being exposed to predators who want to coerce them into an abusive situation?

Mobile phone tracking is an easy way to stay in touch with your child’s movements, or maybe as an employer, you want to know what’s going on at the office in your absence.

A phone tracker software allows parents to stay on top of their child’s activities and they can glean insight into the location of their child as well as other metrics such as who they are communicating with.

More about a phone tracker app

Free to use

When people hear about the phone tracker, they at first don’t show much interest. They assume that a phone tracker app with so many features must be expensive and they lose interest. The cost to download and use the Phone Tracker software is free.

What’s more, it’s not restricted to one phone either, but it can be used to monitor activity on no less than 5 different phones from the same account.

Just 30 seconds to install

Spy Phone Labs is a world leader in this phone tracker software and with good reason what with all its features. The software is for Android phones and it takes just 30 seconds to install.

If for instance, as a parent, you believe your child is visiting- and coercing with unsavory online characters, for starters you can arm yourself with technology information so that you have an idea of how things work.

Once this software is installed, you’ll be able to monitor certain data from your child’s phone. A GPS tracker app will allow you to know the whereabouts of your child and the whereabouts of the actual phone.

See all messages sent and received

Phone Tracker also records activities on the smartphone it is installed on. As a parent, you will be able to read the text messages sent and received on your child’s phone and even view deleted messages.

If you want to install the software, once you click the free download button, you click on the link to install the software from the Google Play Android page. Once you’ve set up a user-name and password, the software will begin running in the background. Data will begin to be transmitted off the phone to your account at Phonetracker.com.

With Phone Tracker, data is taken from the target phone and transmitted to your phone or computer. The mobile phone tracking software becomes a connection between your own cell phone and the target device, which in this case, is your child.

It becomes easy to track data such as emails, calls, text messages, location and even images can all be viewed so that you can take the appropriate action you feel you need to.