Your Guide to Different Types of Attorneys

Bureau of Labor stats show that there are more than 833,000 attorneys working in the US at present.

Here, the lawyer vs. attorney distinction is important. Anyone who’s completed a law degree is a lawyer. But you need to have passed the bar and joined a state bar association to become a licensed attorney.

Some types of attorneys focus on helping certain groups of people. Others concentrate on specific procedures and processes. Often, this means that the best attorney for one situation or case isn’t always the best for another.

As such, if you’re ever in need of legal advice, it can help to know more about these different specialisms. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.

Personal Injury Attorney

Cases where a person accuses a company, government organization, or another individual of physical or psychological injuries call for the expertise of a personal injury attorney. This kind of legal professional is an expert in tort law, which covers civil legal liabilities and damages.

Personal injury attorneys help victims seek compensation after accidents, such as slips and falls or car crashes. But they can also help if you’ve suffered serious distress after using a damaged product or had food poisoning at a restaurant. Whatever the cause or nature of your injury, a personal injury attorney will help you file a case and claim fair compensation.

Criminal Defense Attorney

It can be a scary experience being on the wrong side of the law. But, whether the police have charged you with a DUI, drug offense, or homicide, you’ll want the best attorney possible to represent you.

Criminal defense attorneys are experts in criminal law proceedings, including arrest, bail terms, and plea deals. They also have a wealth of experience in criminal trials and related issues. These include the discovery process, opening and closing statements, and cross-examining witnesses.

As a result, they’re able to guide you through the process from arrest to trial, if it should come to that. And if you’re not happy with the verdict, your criminal defense attorney can help you mount an appeal.

Tax Attorney

Taxes are confusing for the best of us. But, with their knowledge of tax codes, deductions, credits, and exemptions, tax attorneys can make the process a lot easier.

Tax attorneys work with individuals and businesses. Their expertise covers all aspects of taxation from tax returns and deductions to tax settlements and preparing for an audit.

As well as navigating the complex tax system for you, they will help ensure that the IRS doesn’t have to get involved. But, in the event of a tax dispute, your tax attorney will be on hand to represent you.

Family Attorney

Most people think that family attorneys only handle prenuptial agreements and divorce proceedings. But in reality, they deal with all areas of law related to domestic and family-related issues.

This means that you would likely need the services of a family attorney to help you with an adoption or surrogacy. And, in cases that involve domestic violence or negotiating for child custody, a family attorney would be the best legal professional to help you.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Even skilled and experienced medical experts like doctors and surgeons can make mistakes. But for patients, the consequences of a medical misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment can be devastating.

In these cases, a medical malpractice attorney can help. Their role would be to file a case against the doctor or medical center involved. This kind of attorney can also deal with insurance companies and negotiate settlements.

Construction Attorney

You might never have heard of a construction attorney. But, if you’ve been involved in a building project, you’ll know that these legal experts play a vital role at every stage.

For property owners, developers, and occupiers, a construction attorney can help with project structuring and preparing conditions of tender. It’s also wise to consult a construction attorney when preparing and finalizing contracts.

Construction attorneys can also help contractors, suppliers, and consultants by identifying key risk areas. And, their legal expertise is vital when preparing tender qualifications, financing agreements, and contract amendments.

Immigration Attorney

Ever-changing legalities surrounding immigration make it one of the most complex areas of law. If you’re trying to get the right visa or want to become a citizen, this complexity can make the process extra hard.

Working with an immigration attorney can help you navigate this tricky system. Thanks to their past experience working with similar cases, they’ll also be able to offer you accurate and actionable guidance. Some issues that an immigration attorney can help with include filing for asylum, obtaining a green card, and becoming a US citizen.

Employment Attorney

Legal disputes can often enter the workplace. These can involve issues such as wrongful termination, workplace harassment, or contract disputes.

Employment attorneys are well-versed in all legal matters related to employment relationships. This makes them essential when a company has problems with a current or former employee. And for individuals, an employment attorney can advise you on your rights within this area of law.

For employers, it can also be useful to seek the help of an employment attorney before any disputes arise. This would help make sure that they fulfill their rights and responsibilities. These might include wage and hour laws or an employee complaint protocol.

Understanding the Different Types of Attorneys

This list is only a selection of some of the more common types of attorneys out there. Even still, it’s clear that there’s a attorney for every specialism you can think of.

But with more specialism comes more precise expertise and experience. Whether you’re getting divorced or you need tax advice, you can be sure that there’s an attorney specializing in cases like yours.

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