Instagram has been rolling out novel and interesting features and its latest contribution to the Instagram fans and followers is a Music Tab meant for Instagram Stories for adding sweet melodies to all your posts. It is quite simple to add your favorite movie song to your Instagram Stories. There are a couple of effective ways of doing it. One great way of adding popular film songs to your Instagram Stories is utilizing the smart feature known as the music sticker that was introduced y Instagram in June 2018. The second popular option would be using cutting-edge third-party tools such as Lomotif, Vigo Video, and Lumen5, etc.

We understand that Instagram’s music button has been introduced and is available exclusively to the users of iOS and Android in certain countries across the world as reported by TechCrunch. Users in such countries must get their Instagram account updated to the latest version 51. As per, you must realize that in the areas where the music button feature cannot be used, there exist a plethora of legal procedures that need to be taken into consideration since there exists no universal law relating to music piracy and copyright. It would be taking a reasonable amount of time for the Music Button to be accessible globally.

For making your drab Stories more exciting, you could consider clicking on the Music button on Instagram Stories. This would be automatically opening a wonderful music library. You could choose from this assortment of songs as per your mood and the precise genre you are looking for. Classic film songs to contemporary film hits could be incorporated into your Instagram Story. Since Instagram Stories would be allowing just a shorter version of the song, you need to choose which portion of the song you would like to attach to your Instagram Story. While seeing your story, your Instagram friends could also listen to your chosen music clip. Moreover, the best part is that you would find a music sticker flashing on the post with the song’s title and the name of the artist. You may browse through to learn more about buying Instagram likes, followers, and comments.

There are several third-party apps that prove helpful in adding music to your unique Instagram Stories. Some of the cutting-edge apps are:


Lomotif seems to be just like Instagram Story and boasts of a similar interface. Hence, incorporating music into your clip is smooth and hassle-free. It also flaunts a boomerang-type feature known as the Scratch Editor. Once you have added the song, you could consider uploading and sharing your unique video on the vibrant Instagram platform, Twitter, and even Facebook if you wish. This wonderful app would be facilitating in incorporating music to filters, text, and even emoji. You have the liberty of choosing from millions of popular songs and songs by thousands of noted singers and you could even consider browsing utilizing a host of unique themes.


This is a wonderful app with an appropriate title and it offers to you a host of intriguing tricks and tips. You could have the choice of flipping videos horizontally, integrating seamlessly multiple clips, trimming videos, incorporating animated transitions, and even making stop-motion videos. Copies of all the videos could be generated and each and every clip could be edited individually. You could consider customizing your video thanks to the availability of dozens of text overlays and filters.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a well-equipped video editor that is much more than a simple app. It is regarded as a ‘creative community’. You could identify inspiring music from others within this app and you could consider sharing your videos for motivating and inspiring others. Vigo Video is the way to go as it lets you share not only on Instagram but some other networking sites too. It is known for a comprehensive built-in music library so you could easily track your favorite movie songs.

GoPro’s Quik

GoPro spearheaded the biggest developments in action video in the last two decades, and have now made inroads into the mobile video world to see if they can revolutionize the same. Their app, Quik, uses your videos and pictures (not just ones from your GoPro camera, of course) to create stories, complete with music, filters, stop-motion effects, and a host of other nifty features. You are given full creative control of the output; you can pick soundtracks from the app’s own impressive collection or your own library and decide whether you want a simple video with background music or a professional-grade film.


TikTok has transcended “app” status; it is now a vibrant global community based on video and music. TikTok is a platform that lets you watch and make your own short videos that can be funny, memorable, contemplative, and interesting. With a few clicks, you can broadcast your story or your work to the world. These videos can have face filters, emoji stickers, backing music, and hilarious, pretty video effects. They have a huge set of playlists included, ranging from country and blues music to rap, electronic, and pop. There is something for everyone to express themselves.


If you need to add music onto a video, but your phone does not have a music sticker feature, you can use any of these third-party tools to do it. They are all extremely user-friendly and will do the job without frills or bugs. One thing you must always keep in mind- the music you use should not be copyrighted, since the strong DRM protections on platforms like Instagram might cause it to get flagged and taken down, or worse, cause your profile to be shadow-banned and lose visibility. Use public domain soundtracks and abide by the principles of fair use.

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