Going through countless products, we’ve tried so many things that promise weight loss but to no avail such as zilis UltraBurn. We’ve gone on an extreme diet that we almost starved ourselves, thought about subscribing to gyms (but who are we kidding, right?), and we have tried every new diet that surfaced the trends. Still, the progress has always been short-lived.

Zilis UltraBurn
Zilis UltraBurn for Weight Loss

But not too long ago, a new product was introduced to the market, claiming to have the secret keys into the world of weight loss. This product, Zilis Ultra Burn, is the latest production of Zilis company, who is quite known for their unconventional and cutting edge hemp oil products.

Can it possibly have the answers to the persistent weight issue we’ve been looking for zilis ultra cell?

How Zilis Ultra Burn is revolutionizing lifestyle.

Before getting into details about this new product, it’s worthwhile to take a quick overview about Zilis the company and the cutting edge technology they’re using in their products. Priding themselves on being “The Ultra Company”, Zilis have a complete line of of Zilis ultra cell topical products.

The first and main product is the UltraCell, which provides a full spectrum hemp oil extract. Hemp oil has lately come to the light with its wide array of health benefits, after spending years under the misconception that it acts just like marijuana.

With that misconception fastly resolving, many companies are producing hemp oil products to provide health benefits to the skin, heart, brain, and overall physical well-being.

Zilis Ultra Burn have taken a different approach, where they created a cutting edge technology that makes this oil 94% more bioavailable to the human body! This means that using very little of the oil, the body can benefit from long lasting results with a much, much, faster onset of action.

Together with its boosters: UltraIce, UltraEdge, UltraDream, and the latest of the line Zilis UltraBurn; the Ultra products help you live an Ultra lifestyle in every way.

The science behind Zilis Ultra cell Topical

While every Ultra product focuses on some aspect of physical or mental well-being, Zilis Ultra cell topical offers a weight loss aid like none other in the market.

The science behind Zilis Ultra Burn combines between the UltraCell technology, which increases the bioavailability of the oil from less than 10% and up to 94%, the Mimitex formula, which stimulates our endocannabinoid system, and natural extracts, which aid in the weight loss process.

How exactly do each of these methods work? Let’s get a bit scientific!

1. The MIMITEX formula

It’s called the Mimitex Formula because it mimics the effects of hemp oil on our brain. What does that even mean? Wait, let’s rewind a little bit here.

So the human brain has this system, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS for short), which takes care of many of our vital functions. The ECS regulates our sleep, relaxation, mood, feelings of pain, and immune response, among other things. As it is with any system in our body, the system has receptors on the surface of the cells, which can be activated whenever a fitting substance locks into the receptor.

Benefits of Zilis Ultra Cell Topical

Naturally, our body produces its own set of endogenous cannabinoids, which keep our daily functions in balance. So it only makes sense that when this system suffers from a deficiency of endocannabinoids, we don’t feel good at all. That’s why hemp oil can have such a huge effect on our health.

Hemp oil has been proven to activate our ECS, due to the phytocannabinoids it contains. These phytocannabinoids, cannabinoids that are derived from plants, balance any deficiency, and so our ECS can work perfectly.

Now here’s where it becomes even more interesting. Hemp oil, and CBD oil too, have been the only substances so far able to regulate our ECS. Marijuana can too, obviously, but we’re talking about the purely beneficial properties without any psychoactive effects. After intensive research, Zilis UltraBurn were able to introduce other natural substances that can mimic the effect of hemp and organic CBD oil on our ECS, without being hemp-based.

The Mimitex Formula found in Zilis Ultra Burn contains phytocannabinoids, beta-caryophyllene, terpenes, alkamides and cannabimimetics. In other, more understandable, words, this formula delivers the same benefits of hemp oil in a full spectrum effect.

2. Water-soluble oil-based compounds

So far we’ve been talking about “oils”, but actually most of our body is composed of water. More importantly, anything we ingest needs to be sort of water soluble so it can be absorbed into our blood.

Effect of this Products

That’s why most of the oil products in the market, despite the evidence showing how effective and great the products are, they might really work. Or if they do, then the effect is short lived or insignificant.

Through their UltraCell technology, Zilis Ultra cell topical created their UltraBurn in a way that makes the oil easily absorbed by the body. The technology also ensures that the effect of the oil extends through a long period of time, with a very fast onset of action. While it’d take other oils hours, it only takes minutes for Zilis ultra cell!

3. Naturally-occurring extracts

So we’ve gotten in detail into how Zilis Ultra cell topical nourishes the well-being of our body in the most advanced ways, but what about the weight loss? You’ll be pleased to know that the weight loss technology is no less amazing.

Zilis Ultra Burn combines some powerful ingredients which have been quite known for the weight loss aiding properties, like Green Coffee Extracts, Garcinia, and Phenylethylamine.

Zilis UltraBurn
Ultra Burn Seeds

Green coffee beans are the natural form of coffee beans as we know them, just before the roasting process. This keeps the chlorogenic acids present in green coffee beans intact, and they’re known for aiding in weight loss.

It Grow up Body Burning Fat and Metabolism

Garcinia is also widely used as a weight loss supplement, as it boosts the body’s ability in burning fat and metabolism. Lastly, phenylethylamine helps suppressing the appetite, while enhancing focus and alertness.

Zilis UltraBurn for Weight Loss
Ultra Burn for Weight Loss

So now you have the cutting edge UltraCell technology, which enables the oil to be fully absorbed by your body through extended periods of time. Then you have the Mimitex Formula, which provides natural cannabimimetics that balances the ECS and regulates our sleep, mood, relaxation, pain, and even immunity.

Apart from Zilis UltraBurn, there’s another amazing secret drug that has been proven to help overcome weight loss. The drug is called modafinil. It has been popularized by smart drug enthusiasts as a “smart pill.” This drug has a long history of research. It’s been used by physicians to treat various health conditions, including sleeping disorders associated with narcolepsy, shift-work sleep disorders, major depression, sleep apnea, improved mood, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and several health conditions.

Is this drug a “supernatural fat-burning pill?” The benefits of modafinil for weight loss are beyond our scope. Several weight-loss tools can be used to fine-tune the body in the shape you want to get to sooner, but modafinil is the easiest way that has several other rewards. Don’t think of the modafinil as a “supernatural fat-burner,” contemplate it as a way also to augment motivation, mental acuity, and support diet, productivity, and lifestyle modifications. Give it a try! Modafinil will help you get over food cravings issues while dieting (that contributes to weight gain) and help prepare the lifestyle and diet habits propitious to a healthy weight.

And lastly, you have the natural extracts of green coffee beans, garcinia, and phenylethylamine, which collectively aid in the weight loss process, suppress appetite, and boosts the fat burning ability of our body. If this isn’t the perfect wholesome key to water consumption enhance weight loss, we don’t know what is Zilis ultra cell.

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